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A Higher Calling

NOW a USA Today National BestsellerAwarded Publishers Weekly's Highest rating for books of "exceptional quality and literary achievement"

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“Laugh with us, cry with us and grow with us as we face Everest in our first year of marriage.

Rachel & Harold
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About the Book

The husband and wife behind the popular Earls Family Vlogs share their inspiring love story for the first time, revealing how conflicting dreams--his to climb Mount Everest, and hers to start a family--deepened their faith and commitment to each other.

As a senior at West Point, Harold Earls began to dream of summiting Mount Everest. Many wondered: Why would this novice mountain climber choose to leave his new wife on the other side of the world in pursuit of such a life-threatening quest? Simultaneously, Rachel Earls was finally entering the season of life she had dreamed of for many years: starting a family of her own. How would she handle her new husband chasing a goal that could leave her widowed, childless, and flooded with heartache? Did he expect her to make such a sacrifice so he could pursue this audacious goal?

Harold and Rachel had to reconcile their dreams with the reality of their love, faith, future family, and the mountain standing between them. Could they support one another's dreams without forfeiting their own deepest desires? Would their love survive the unexpected challenges they would face? Or would this harrowing journey actually forge a stronger love and unshakeable bond between them?


Captain Harold Earls IV: is an active duty Army officer currently serving as the Commander of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Harold is a graduate of West Point and is US
Army Airborne Ranger qualified.


Rachel Earls: is a beloved vlogger, business owner, founder of
Earls Family Foundation, Army wife, and mother. Rachel also hosts the Earls Family Vlogs, which has millions of views on YouTube and nearly half a million subscribers, who tune in
regularly for Rachel and Harold’s discussions on faith, family life, and love.

Katherine Ilona Photography

Donating Proceeds of our Book

 To people in the United States affected by COVID-19 and to support families of Nepal affected by the Mount Everest closure due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Most Nepalese Mountain Guides make their entire year's wage from guiding on Everest. 

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