A 9th generation Georgian, Harold Earls is a former Airborne Ranger qualified Captain that served as the Commander at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Prior to that, He led the first Army team and a combat wounded amputee to the summit of Mount Everest. Harold was an All American Captain of the West Point Baseball team, recipient of the George Smythe Leadership Award and twice featured in ABC News Person of the week. 


Most recently, He wrote a book, alongside his wife Rachel, titled: A Higher Calling: which has gone on to become a USA Today National Bestseller. Harold currently resides in Roswell with Rachel and their three sons.  

Family trip to Arlington National Cemetery in DC

Harold was nine and saw for the first time the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns--little did he know how this would come full circle years later as he would become the Commander of the Tomb Guards.


Harold's Roots


Growing up in Roswell

Chipper Jones and the Braves were Harold's life. He played baseball for the Ocee Stars dreaming of one day playing at Turner Field. He was four when Sid Bream slid into home.

His dad was a Pastor, His mom a Teacher.

Harold and his sister went to Fellowship Christian Academy off Hwy 92, where his mom taught 1st grade. 


Duty. Honor. Country.


Appointed to West Point 

There's few decisions in life that shape the rest of your life--this was one of them for Harold. He would enter West Point a young teen but forged through adversity to become a leader of character. 

He meets a redheaded girl named Rachel over a Facebook message


Their first phone call was six hours!

They fell hard and fast for each other and would meet in person a month



All American Captain of the West Point Baseball team

Harold studied Law with a minor track in Systems Engineering. He was the Cadet Honor Officer charged with enforcing the Honor Code at West Point. He learned that before you can be a good leader, you first must be a person of character. 

Harold and his team won back to back Patriot League Championships

rob woodall.jpg

Kimsey Fellow in Washington DC 

Harold worked on the Hill for Rep. Rob Woodall focusing on foreign affairs policy and constituent services. This opened his eyes to how a Congressional office can help its constituents navigate the huge government bureaucracy and protect its people from being taken advantage of by the government. 

Picture in uniform does not imply DOD or military endorsement. 

A Young Leader.

Rachel and Harold tie the knot!

They then travel to more than 17 countries on their honeymoon! Rachel starts recording their life on Youtube. 


The Earls Family get

two furry additions

Ranger is an Aussie who loves to give wet kisses when Harold returns from field excercises & Tracker is a redheaded 

cattle dog who likes to bark every time the mailman comes!


Harold leads the First Army team to the Summit of Mount Everest

Harold came up with the idea in his Barracks room while at USMA. They went on to have a combat wounded amputee on the team and they climbed to raise awareness for PTSD. Harold conducted this expedition in his and Rachel's first year of Marriage! See their book to hear the entire story!

Harold faces Failure

Less than two months after returning from Everest and 22lbs underweight from the climb, Harold went to Ranger school. He failed in the first week. Harold was crushed. He shares how Rachel drove to pick him up and he just broke down sobbing with tears in his eyes. It was humbling, but ultimately Harold would learn that God had a plan through it all. 

Harold went back to Ranger School 3 weeks later and went straight through!

He would go on to be the distinguished Honor Grad at Airborne School 3 weeks after that.


Harold gets a big surprise!

Harold and Rachel had been trying to get pregnant for a while and they weren't sure they could even get pregnant after many months, but God had other plans. On Christmas Day, Rachel surprises Harold with the news! 


Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 2.28.14 AM.png

Scout & Sniper Platoon Leader

Stationed at Fort Stewart, GA. Harold went from a Light Infantry PL to being selected as 2-69 Armor Battalion's Scout PL.

Hello Baby Leo!

Next to marrying the love of his life, this was the greatest day of his life. He felt a deeper appreciation of God's love when becoming a father and his love for Rachel grew deeper as well. 

Picture in uniform does not imply DOD or military endorsement. 


Sacred Duty.


Bush 41. Guard of Honor

Harold serves as the Operations Leader for the Guard of Honor for President Bush's Lying-in-State at the Capitol Rotunda. Thousands came to pay respects to the former President, while Harold and his team of joint armed forces were tasked to keep a constant death watch over President Bush.


Arlington National Cemetery

Harold is selected to serve in the Old Guard as an Escort Commander for Full Honor Burials in Arlington National Cemetery. Harold sees first hand the sacrifice made to preserve the ideals of freedom and liberty in America as he kneels and presents folded flags to surviving loved ones. 


Another Baby Boy!

At 8lbs 10oz, Wyatt is born 22 months after Leo at Walter Reed Medical Center. The Earls now have 2 boys under 2!


Commander of the Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

With a mission tasked by Congress to 'Maintain the Highest Standards and Traditions' in the Nation while keeping a constant Vigil guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Harold would successfully lead the team through Covid-19 going on to be awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his leadership. Harold also earned his  Sentinel badge, with less than 690 ever earned. It is the only military badge that can be revoked at any point in your life if you bring dishonor to the Unknowns, even after military service. 

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Life after the Army.

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National Bestselling Author

Harold and Rachel release a book titled: A Higher Calling: Pursuing Love, Faith and Mount Everest for a Greater Purpose with Penguin Random House. It shares their love story and faith through the lens of Harold climbing Everest in their first year of marriage. It went on to become a USA Today National Bestseller.

Last day in an Army Uniform

In the early morning hours, Harold conducted a Rose Ceremony paying his final respects to the Unknown Soldiers. After more than 9 years of service, Harold takes off the Uniform for the last time. Although his time in uniform is over, Harold's service to his Country is not. 

Pregnant with baby #3

While traveling throughout Alaska, Rachel tells Harold that she is pregnant with their third child.  

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The Earls move back home to Roswell

The Earls have moved 5 times in 5 years with the Army and are excited to finally be able to settle back home in Roswell for good. They live right near where Harold grew up and are currently busy running their business and raising their growing family.

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Picture in uniform does not imply DOD or military endorsement. 

Picture in uniform does not imply DOD or military endorsement. 

Picture in uniform does not imply DOD or military endorsement. 

Picture in uniform does not imply DOD or military endorsement. 

Pictures in uniform does not imply DOD or military endorsement.