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The recent cancellation of meaningful border security by the current administration is not in the best interest of the country. There are surely good people who are migrating to America to make their lives better, that is not the problem. The problem is that bad people are illegally entering our country through open borders. We need a functional immigration system in place that helps us determine the difference. We need a merit-based system where the best and brightest who want to enter America have a chance to do so and allows us to keep bad actors out of the country. 

Smaller Government

28 trillion dollars in debt! How come neither party is talking about this? A trillion here, a trillion there, so big most people can't understand it, so, therefore, we keep spending--Like a kid in college with a credit card, failing to realize that someday the debt collectors will come. Who is OUR largest debt collector: China.  That means that my two little toddlers are going to bear the burden of this generation's failure to address balancing our budget at the behest of our adversary. We need to wake up and get our spending in check! 

Not to mention, We have nationalized too many issues leading to divisiveness. Give power back to the people at the state level. Government is rarely the solution to our problems; in fact, they're the opposite. 

Innovation & Jobs

Make the Tax Cuts & the Jobs Act permanent. Empower business owners and use government simply to foster competitive markets. 

My wife and I run a digital media company and personally know the burden our government places on businesses like ours. For more than a generation higher taxes and more government regulations have chased American jobs overseas. Now any progress that has been made since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act stands to be rolled back. We need a climate that stops taxing our jobs away just because one side of the aisle has managed to convince people that American companies are evil. We need to get the government out of the way and make America a place that companies want to do business and make this the place where the best and the brightest minds want to work here.

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China poses a major threat to the United States and we are engaged in a long-term competition. It is a threat, not only as a powerful rival, but also because it rejects fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech and freedom of worship, and basic values such as respect for intellectual property.

The Chinese Communist Party seeks to change the international order, and create one which is dominated by Authoritarian rule rather than democratic ideals. This is a struggle that will affect our children and our grandchildren. 



This issue is very close to our hearts because, like you, we care deeply about our children. We live near a great elementary school rated 9/10, but we are slated for a middle school that is a dismal 5/10. There is another middle school similar distance, that is a solid 8/10. Parents should be able to choose better schools. If not, the government is forcing families to move or pay for private schools just to have a good education for our children.

We need school choice. If private citizens need to pursue an option outside of the public system they should be allowed to use their tax dollars to fund it. We need an education system that is nimble and responsive to student needs and not just the whims of the teacher’s unions.




My wife is a Youtuber, so for us this hits close to home. We currently have, against our will, comments disabled on our Youtube Channel and they have demonetized our family friendly videos in the past. Our public dialogue is passing thru private servers. Solutions: Amend Section 230, which was an outdated telecommunications bill created in the 90's.. Here's five areas Big Tech needs more guided regulation to protect Americans: Free Speech, Privacy, Safety, Competition & Honesty.




Security and Trust. It is critical to the future of the Republic that we continuously improve the security of our elections and ability for people to vote. People must have confidence in our elections and in the safeguards created to prevent fraud yet enable the people's voices to be heard.

This issue according to the constitution rests at the local level; however federally I will ensure that we never allow any national policy to be passed that deters our security, trust or ability to vote freely. 



Only 9% of the recent $1.9 trillion covid relief package went directly to dealing with the Coronavirus. The new trillion dollar infrastructure plan, has a large percentage going to things that have nothing to do with physical infrastructure. That is a sign of a much larger problem. We need to put an end to pervasive corruption among our political class loading more and move government and spending and leaving the bill for our children to pay off. 

Happy Senior Couple


At its current pace social security will be insolvent in 16 years. In 1935 when Social Security was passed into law it was a temporary relief program for some workers. It would have worked indefinitely had its design changed along with it’s reach and permanence. It is time for brave people to set all politics aside and get together and put a real solution in place. That solution will have to protect those who currently rely on it while providing a free market 401k style component for young people.



Both are clearly under assault. The Constitution is not a menu at a fast-food restaurant. Our Founding Fathers wrote the constitution, then they adopted freedom of religion and speech, then the right to bear arms. It is rather clear these two items were high on their priority list. We should have religious freedom. We should stop canceling free speech. We should have the right to bear arms. These rights should be protected by our elected officials who all take an oath to defend the Constitution.

Industrial Smoke


Fact: every 15 minutes a person is killed by a tractor trailer. This is not because of bad truck-drivers but because of a failure of our highway system. They are coming from the Savannah port passing through the Atlanta suburbs and into North Georgia for further distribution across the Country. Wouldn't it be nice if we created a route that was more streamlined for Semi-trucks, and that bi-passed our metro suburbs, making our community safer and less congested?

The last year with many people working from home has helped folks forget what sitting in traffic was like. Our problems are still there. We have the busiest airport in the world and a growing population. It's about time our leaders show some foresight into a problem that will come bristling back quickly post covid.



We need more options. For too long the conversation has been centered strictly around how the federal government is going to pay for health care coverage. It should be obvious by now this just isn’t going to work. When in history has the American taxpayers picking up the tab for something lead to lower prices? We need to bring this back to a discussion about how the power of free markets can drive costs down. 


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